Net Lights For Trees

Millenium Net Lights For Trees

Lights look perfect every time! Create a professional looking tree in less than 3 minutes! One web blankets most trees. Lights are strung in a tangle-free web for easy-on and easy-off. Each Net Lite light set comes in its own colorful storage container. Net Lites light set is also available with an adjustable 8 function light sequence controller. Lights can be set to blink in waves, sequentially, slowly glow on and off, flash, blink, randomly twinkle, burn steadily or a combination of all the special effects together.

- Unique mesh design -
- Beautiful results and perfectly spaced lights every time -
- All-weather materials, can also be used outdoors -
- Spare bulbs and fuse included -
- Plug-to-plug construction -
- If one or more bulbs goes out, the others stay lighted -
- Fits 7 ft. to 7.5 ft. trees -
- Clear Bulbs, with 8 Function Control Box -

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